Our Story

Our real estate service company, Homes in One system Oy, was established in October 2018. Through our platform real estate agents will be able to cooperate with each other. We believe, “if you want to go fast, go alone. If you wanna go far, go together.”

Our founder and CEO Marcel Angelosanto, has been in North America, Canada doing real estate business. When he moved to Finland, he started working in the real estate field in Finland. Soon he found out, that in Finland, and the rest of Europe, the agents do not cooperate with each other and because of that they do not get the benefits of sharing.

All participating agents can list and sell properties through our service. The commission will be agreed between the agents. General consumer can use our service but can not buy or sell without agents.

We are here to help you sell your homes and find your dream house through our reliable and collaborating agents.

If your real estate agent is not a Homes in One member ask him to become one.

If you, as a real estate agent are not yet a Homes in One member, what are you waiting for!

Need more information? Please contact us at info@homesinone.fi